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March 2023 issue

Volume 54 Number 6
Highest Energy Cosmic Rays from Space
Telescope Array (TA) to capture the
experiment. TA experiment to capture the highest energy cosmic rays from space.
TAx4 is underway to increase the number of surface particle detectors and quadruple the observation area.
TAx4 is underway to quadruple the observation area by increasing the number of surface particle detectors.

Science Essays No.63

Greetings from the Dean of the Graduate School

Sending greetings to those who are retiring

  • The Days of Continuously Looking at Minerals with Electron Microscopes
    • Toshihiro Kogure Farewell Yoshio Takahashi
  • Driven by curiosity and the joy of discovery
    • Makoto Gokami Farewell address Masahito Ueda
  • What will happen to photosynthetic production in plants in the near future?
    • Ichiro TERASHIMA Farewell speech Yuichi TSUKATANI
  • Acronyms and me
    • Kaoru Yamauchi Farewell address: Shinichi Okoshi
  • Only thanks - Looking back on 30 years
    • Satoru Yamamoto Farewell Aya Baba

The Frontiers of Research for Undergraduates

Recommendation of Science No.12

Science from 1+1 to ∞

A Pictorial Book of Researchers in Science Vol. 6


Science Bookshelf No. 56

News & Announcements

  • New Faculty Members
  • On the news of the passing of Dr. Hironari Miyazawa" Yutaka Matsuo
  • Acquisition of Doctoral Degree
  • Personnel Changes
  • School of Science Fund