Office of Communication

Office of Communication

The Office of Communications promotes the research conducted at the School of Science focusing on the undergraduate students already enrolled in UTokyo. However, we also appeal to those studying at other universities, junior and high schools, and society at large. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the education of young scientists, enhance our institution’s international acclaim, and spark an interest in and garner support for science.

We oversee a wide range of projects, such as introducing the research conducted at the School of Science to the undergraduate students enrolled in UTokyo, interacting with junior high and high school students, publishing press releases, the web magazine Rigaku-ru, and the newsletter The Rigakubu News.

For those who wish to make a press release

If you are considering issuing a press release, please contact the Office of Communications as early as possible. Please e-mail us at with the following information

  1. The type of press release (press conference or press release only)
  2. Whether it will be a joint press release. In the case of a joint press release, it is the researchers’ responsibility to discuss and determine which organization will be the lead.
  3. The date and time of the end of the embargo (specified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) or the publisher) 
  4. If the paper in question will be published in a scientific journal: the name of the journal and the date and time of publication (the date and time of online publication, or if there is no online publication, then the date of printed publication)
  5. The press release will go online at the same time as the embargo is lifted. To ensure high resolution, please send any photographs or diagrams in the manuscript separately as an email attachment or via the file transfer service.

Documents about the procedure and the necessary form for making a press release can be downloaded from the "UTokyo Press Release Application Form" on the Learning Site. Note: Only faculty and staff members can access this site.

Applying for press releases

Please make your request for a press release at least about two weeks before the scheduled publication. Last-minute requests will not be accepted, as it is difficult to produce a high-quality press release in time.

About presentation materials introducing the School of Science

We have prepared editable PowerPoint presentations (Japanese and English versions) titled "Introducing the School of Science" that include key points and information about the School and can be used both in Japan and abroad. Please feel free to download and use them.
(Note: You will be redirected to the Learning Site which only faculty and staff can access.)

Online publication of awardees

If you wish to have a post on the School of Science website about a student or faculty member who has received an award, please email the Office of Communications at with the following information:

  1. name of the award
  2. name and affiliation of the recipient
  3. date of the award reception/ceremony
  4. if available, link to the related article on the awarding organization’s website (We will link to it from the article on our website).

- Past articles: List of Awards and Prizes

Use of Paperweight

Paperweights are available as commemorative gifts related to the education and research activities of the School of Science and its departments and affiliated facilities. If you wish to request paperweights, please refer to "About Paperweights" below for more information and submit a request to the Office of Communications.
- About Paperweights (Note: You will be redirected to the Learning Site which only faculty and staff can access.)

Providing pictures to the Image Bank.

The School of Science has been accumulating images showcasing research in the "Image Bank," which is open to researchers from other universities and the media for public use. The "Image Contest" held during Open Campus events is also very popular. Some of the entries and award-winning works have been uploaded to the Image Bank. If you have images that you would like to share, please contact the Office of Communications.


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Phone numbers 03-5841-7585 (ext. 27585)
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The Rigakubu News
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03-5841-0654 (ext. 20654)
FAX 03-5841-1035 (ext. 21035)

We create the website and video content in collaboration with the IT Support team.
When requested, we can assist in devising public relations strategies. Please feel free to consult with us not only about School-wide but also about department-specific matters.