International Researchers

Resources for international faculty members and researchers

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Visa & status of residence

  • Visa Consulting Service | Website for International Students
    Consultation is free. Proxy applications for certain types of immigration applications are for a fee.


  • Housing Office
    Information listed here includes accommodations for international students and those for international researchers (including faculty members).

Japanese language education

Access to medical information

  • Inbound Medical Assistance Service (IMAS) | Website for International Students
    *Please scroll down to reach the section about IMAS
    This is a 24/7, 365 days-a-year phone service that helps you access medical information, such as finding a clinic or translating conversations with the doctor over the phone. To use it, an international researcher or faculty member must sign up in advance and pay the fee.

Daily life

Problem-solving consultations & counseling services

  • International Student Support Room (ISSR)
    Despite its name, this office can help not only students but also researchers and faculty members from abroad. Personal counseling for psychological and mental health issues is provided by staff trained in counseling. You can also consult the ISSR when faced with more practical problems in your daily life.