Science aims to elucidate universal truths of the natural world and discover its underlying fundamental laws and principles. The accumulated wisdom and intellect of the human race is largely based on science, which has formed the foundation of modern civilization and continues to expand our understanding of nature.

The School of Science has created this Charter with the intent of promoting education and research in advanced science that will open pathways to a prosperous and peaceful future for humankind.


The central mission of the School of Science is to conduct education and research in order to understand further the truths of nature, to expand and develop the frontiers of knowledge, and to hand down such knowledge to future generations.


The School of Science will provide young people with the education needed to solve future problems, contribute to the continual and peaceful progress of society, and lead the next generation of scientists.

Fairness and High Standard

The School of Science will hold fairness to be paramount in all personnel and administrative practices, and will maintain the highest standards of education and research through constant self-assessment and rigorous external evaluation.


Consistent with the ideals of science, the School of Science will not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, race or religion and will ensure academic freedom in education and research.

Social Contribution

The School of Science will make its educational and research results available to the public and will endeavor to prevent such results from being used to harm society and the global environment. In this way, the School of Science will contribute to the development of society and culture, and the continued existence of the human race.