Office of Research Strategy and Development

Office of Research Strategy and Development

About ORSD

Our mission

The Office of Research Strategy and Development (ORSD) was formed in May 2012 under the Dean of the School of Science. Our mission is to support the research strategy of the school and acquire funding for research, and we provide support to researchers so that they can devote themselves to their work.

ORSD does not only secure funding for the School of Science; we are active in a wide variety of other activities, including the development of research systems and project management. Going forward, we will continue to secure funding for the school and contribute to the effective management of large-scale education and research initiatives, such as the Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE Program), the Strategic Partnerships Project, and the promotion of skill-based internships, and further enhance research and education in the School of Science by supporting the development of a global strategy for the School, as well as taking an active role in international liaison, international communications, and fundraising activities.

We do not provide support for individual research applications, but do provide useful information for researchers on topics including research funding and issues relevant to international researchers.

What we do

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About UTokyo URAs

The University of Tokyo introduced a URA certification system as one of several initiatives to secure academic diversity and pursue academic excellence. URA stands for “University Research Administrator,” a position created to help provide an environment in which researchers can focus on their primary responsibilities. With URAs at the core, the University is assembling a network of research-support professionals from many affiliations and positions to create a structure that can support and enhance its vast array of research and educational activities. ORSD members have earned nine certifications in total under this system. Our office is committed to helping energize research and educational efforts by creating an environment where faculty can conduct their research and teaching activities with peace of mind. You can learn more about UTokyo URAs at the UTRA Commons website.