What's New

16. Feb. 2023
UTRIP Online 2022 Archive is now available.
14. Nov. 2022
The application period for UTRIP 2023 has been announced.
8. Nov. 2022
The UTRIP Online 2022 Fall participants have been selected
1. Sep. 2022
Application for UTRIP Online 2022 Fall is now open.
20. Jun. 2022
The UTRIP Online 2022 Summer participants have been selected
21. Apr. 2022
Application for UTRIP Online 2022 is now open.
8. Feb. 2022
UTRIP Online Fall 2021 Archive is now available.
29. Sep. 2021
Participants for UTRIP Online 2021 Fall have been selected
30. Jul. 2021
Application for UTRIP Online Fall 2021 is now open.
6. Jul. 2021
UTRIP Online Spring 2021 Archive is now available.
23. Apr. 2021
Participants for UTRIP Online Spring 2021 have been selected
1. Apr. 2021
The UTRIP Online pilot program of UTokyo has launched and application is now open.
22. Dec. 2020
Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on Japanese entry restrictions, regretfully we have to suspend our call for applications for UTRIP 2021. As soon as the global situation turns for the better and circumstances allow us to reopen our program, we will announce the next round of UTRIP on this website. Please keep checking this "What's New" section for latest information.
3. Apr. 2020
【Cancellation of UTRIP2020】UTRIP2020 has been cancelled due to the global outbreak of COVID-19.
26. Dec. 2019
UTRIP 2019 Archive is now available.
26. Nov. 2019
Application for UTRIP 2020 is now open.
1. Apr. 2019
UTRIP Students for 2019 have been selected.
6. Mar. 2019
UTRIP 2018 Archive is now available.
18. Dec. 2018
The link to "The FUTI Award" page in the Financial support (2019) page of the website has now been corrected. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
26. Nov. 2018
Application for UTRIP 2019 is now open.
16. Nov. 2018
The application period for UTRIP 2019 has been announced.
10. Apr. 2018
UTRIP Students for 2018 have been selected.
28. Dec. 2017
The application period for UTRIP 2018 has been announced.
1. Dec. 2017
UTRIP 2017 Archive is now available.
7. Apr. 2017
UTRIP Students for 2017 have been selected.
6. Jan. 2017
Application for UTRIP 2017 is now open.
4. Jan. 2017
The application period for UTRIP 2017 has been announced.
2. Dec. 2016
UTRIP 2016 Archive is now available.
11. Apr. 2016
The UTRIP website has been updated with a new logo and a new flyer.
7. Apr. 2016
UTRIP Students for 2016 have been selected
29. Jan. 2016
UTRIP 2016 program details are now available.
4. Dec. 2015
The details of UTRIP 2016 will be announced in January 2016.
16. Nov. 2015
UTRIP 2015 Archive is now available.
7. Apr. 2015
UTRIP Students for 2015 have been selected
26. Jan. 2015
UTRIP 2015 program details are now available.
19. Dec. 2014
UTRIP 2014 Archive is now available.
3. Dec. 2014
The details of UTRIP 2015 will be announced in January 2015.
7. Apr. 2014
UTRIP Students for 2014 have been selected
14. Jan. 2014
Application for the UTRIP 2014 is now open.
5. Dec. 2013
UTRIP 2014 program details are now available.
6. Nov. 2013
UTRIP 2013 Archive is now available.
5. Nov. 2013
The details of UTRIP 2014 will be announced by the end of December.
5. Apr. 2013
Announcement of Selected Applicants (2013)
2. Apr. 2013
UTRIP2013 Selection Result
We are going to announce the selection result by the afternoon on 5th April (Japan Standard Time). Thank you for your patience. ILO
8. Feb. 2013
We are happy to announce that an additional faculty member from the Department of Biological Sciences (Associate Prof. Nozaki) has offered a position to accept a student.
31. Jan. 2013
Please note that one faculty member (Prof. Kagi) from the Chemistry Department has been added to the lab member list.
22. Jan. 2013
Please be informed that one faculty member (Prof. Takeda) from the department of Biological Sciences has been added in the list of host faculty member.
15. Jan. 2013
We start accepting applications.
8. Jan. 2013
An additional host lab is posted at the relevant page.
25. Dec. 2012
Please note that India Institute of Technology, Bombay was newly included in the list of universities designated by the sponsor (Daiwa Securities Group).
21. Dec. 2012
The list of host faculty members has been announced. We have slightly changed the eligibility. Please check at the relevant pages.
26. Nov. 2012
The outline of UTRIP 2013 program has been announced, though the details will be available by the end of December 2012.
22. Oct. 2012
Archive UTRIP 2012 is now available. Please browse the website below.
16. Apr. 2012
UTRIP 2012 participants have been finalized.
2. Apr. 2012
We have mailed to students who were selected as the first candidates. In case the student declines our offer, students who were selected as the second candidates will receive a mail from the school by no later than 13th April.
2. Apr. 2012
To all UTRIP applicants.
Thank you for your applying to the program. Although we have announced to the selection results today, it will take a little more time to finalize the selection results. The announcement will be made as soon as the professors reach their final decisions. We appreciate your patience. Regards.
26. Mar. 2012
The application list was closed on 16th March. The total number of applicants reached 315 this year. The selection committee will make their decision by 2nd April. A successful candidate will receive an email from us. Thank you very much for your keen interests in UTRIP.
21. Mar. 2012
We have closed the registration list on 16th March. The total number of applicants reaches over 300. The selection results will be announced on 2nd April. Thank you for your interests in UTRIP.
13. Mar. 2012
Total number of received applications as of 13th March 2012: 97
12. Mar. 2012
Signatures in the application form
Electronic signatures will be acceptable.
5. Mar. 2012
Total number of received applications as of 5th March 2012 : 49
28. Feb. 2012
Query on Change of Program Schedule
22. Feb. 2012
Total number of received applications as of 20 Feb. 2012 : 23
6. Feb. 2012
Newly Created Positions For FOTI-Award Participants.
16. Jan. 2012
An additional position is now available at the Department of Earth & Planetary Science. Professor Kimura has proposed to receive a student.

What is UTRIP?

Figure 1

UTRIP stands for the "University of Tokyo Research Internship Program." This program was launched by the Graduate School of Science (GSS) of the University of Tokyo (one of the world's leading research-education universities) as part of its campaign begun in June 2010 for promoting the internationalization of the GSS by inviting talented young students from abroad. UTRIP is an intensive summer research program targeted at undergraduates who have a keen interest in pursuing an M.S. or Ph.D. degree in the future. During the program, the participants receive intensive instruction and guidance on conducting research from renowned faculty members belonging to the GSS's five departments of physics, astronomy, chemistry, earth & planetary science, and biological sciences.

The program is open to students who are currently enrolled in the second or a later year at an accredited college or university outside of Japan, and who are majoring in a natural science or related field. The program also includes an excursion outside of Tokyo as well as a short course on the Japanese language and culture.

UTRIP is a gateway to pursuing an advance degree and experiencing academic life at UTokyo. Take this opportunity to get a head-start for challenging the rigors of graduate study in the natural sciences.


Archive of Past Programs

A big thank you to our sponsoring organizations for their support of the UTRIP program!
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.