Impact of your Gift

How your donations help

Your donations help to build the educational environment in which students can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and develop their vision.

Support Program for Master’s Degree Students at the Graduate School of Science

Even though support for higher education is generally expanding, aid for graduate students is limited and many find it financially difficult to devote themselves to their studies. It is crucial that we invest in our graduate students so that they are not deterred from pursuing higher education for financial reasons if we are to compete as a world-class university with Western and Asian countries that are expanding public investment in education and research. To this end, we have begun a funding project for master's degree students at the Graduate School of Science in the Academic Year 2022. To date, we have supported 62 eager and accomplished students.

Graduate School of Science ・ Faculty of Science Financial Aid

Launched in 2019 by the University of Tokyo Foundation and active since January 2020, the Graduate School of Science ・ Faculty of Science Financial Aid provides support for students who have difficulties continuing their studies due to disasters and other damages. In the future, we intend to expand our activities to support students’ international activities and independent projects.

Please visit the website of the UTokyo School of Science Fund for more information on how to donate.