The Rigakubu News

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The Rigaku-bu News
March 2024 Issue
Volume 55, Issue 6

Aluminum plate with holes drilled in it used in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. An optical fiber was attached to a hole drilled in the celestial sphere at a preselected bright object to complete a three-dimensional map of the universe.
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Essay in Science No.69

Sending handwritten notes to retirees

  • Fascinated by Nematodes
    • Yuichi Iino Farewell speech by Osamu Nureki
  • Seeds of the Future
    • Mitsuhiko Shiotani, farewell address: Takemasa Ozawa
  • Seeing the world through space
    • Yasushi Sudo Acknowledgement: Naoki Yoshida
  • A Quarter of a Century at Nikko Botanical Garden
    • Masaki Tateno Acknowledgement: Haruhiko Taneda
  • From RNA interference to drug discovery
    • Kumiko Cheng Acknowledgement: Shinya Kuroda
  • From Childhood Thoughts to 65
    • Hideo Higuchi, Farewell: Yasushi Okada
  • Research history: From the earth to the universe, the world of plasma
    • Acknowledgement: Shinsuke Imada

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