1. Visa for admission into the University

To enroll in the University of Tokyo, you need to obtain a "College Student" visa. The International Liaison Office (ILO) will mail you the necessary documents for the visa application. Please apply for the visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Japan in your home country when these documents arrive. The terms and conditions of the visa differ depending on your student status.

2. Part-time job

Legally, students with the residence status of "College Student" are generally not allowed to work except as a TA (Teaching Assistant)/RA (Research Assistant) on campus. Therefore, if you wish to work, you must get permission from the Japanese Immigration Bureau. Undergraduate and graduate students are allowed to work for up to 28 hours per week. Working in the entertainment service sector such as in bars or gambling places is strictly prohibited. Any illegal conduct or actions will lead to deportation.

If you wish to apply for the permit to work, please submit the following documents directly to the Immigration Bureau.

    Required Documents for Application
  1. Application Form
  2. Report on studies
  3. Copy of Alien Registration Card
  4. Copy of University of Tokyo student ID Card
  5. Copy of passport (page showing name, date of birth, etc. and "Landing Permission" or page with visa stamp showing latest visa status/period)

3. Re-entry Permit

International students who wish to leave Japan temporarily to return to their home country or to visit another country must apply for a re-entry permit before leaving Japan. If you leave Japan without getting this permit, you will have to apply for a new visa, which can take more than one month to process. The permit will be issued on the day you apply.

    Required Documents for Application
  1. Application for Re-entry Permit
  2. Passport
  3. Alien Registration Card
  4. Student ID card
  5. ¥3,000 revenue stamp for single re-entry, or ¥6,000 for multiple re-entry (This is a service charge.)

4. Visa Extension

International students can apply for a visa extension three months before the expiration of their current visa.

    Required Documents for Application (for “College Student”)
  1. Application for Extension of Period of Stay
    (4th and 5th pages of the application will be issued at the International Liaison Office so please contact ILO by email for the documents.)
  2. Passport
  3. Alien Registration Card
  4. Certificate of Enrollment (Issued by your faculty/graduate school)
  5. Transcript (or certificate of research activities if a research student; both issued by your faculty/graduate school)
  6. Certificate of Scholarship (if you are receiving a scholarship)
  7. ¥4,000 (This is a service charge.)

* Documents 4, 5, and 6 should be issued within three months.

5. Visa Consulting Service

The University of Tokyo offers Visa Consulting Service for the convenience for overseas students and staff. You can get the information in detail from the following web site.