Research and Education Strategy

Research and Education Strategy

What we do

Our office participates in creating the overarching vision, long-term planning, and other operational procedures at the School of Science.

Our approach is twofold. We attend government council meetings, gather information, and investigate policy trends to stay up to date on science and technology policies within the country. We also assess the research status and conditions of researchers within the School of Science and provide support for organizational restructuring and building research support systems to adequately utilize the research resources within the university.

Current projects

  • Budgetary request to the government for FY2024
    • Attending and compiling manuscripts of on-campus hearings
    • School of Science-wide diversification efforts
    • Supporting the creation of the “Global Standard Science Education Division”, increasing support for international researchers, and tackling gender imbalances
    • Acquiring operational funding, surveying and evaluating the necessary elements of an effective support system, writing project proposals and reports, and creating a website to make information widely available as part of a 10-university collaboration
    • Data collection for strategy planning (questionnaire for students, faculty, and staff)
    • Survey administration (creation, implementation, analysis), strategy proposal based on the results

Past projects

  • FY2023 Internal applications for university funds
    • Preparing budget request forms and presentation materials, attending hearings
    • Support for the "Framework for the Future" of the School of Science
    • Revising the framework in accordance with the university's overall vision
    • Proposal for the Promotion of Life Science Research at the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)
    • Participating in working groups, summarizing discussions, compiling presentation materials