After Enrollment

After Enrollment

Visa & Residence Card

Visa & Residence Card | Website for International Students (

Medical Service and National Health Insurance

Medical Service & National Health Insurance | Website for International Students (

Extension of Period of Stay

Extension of Period of Stay | Website for International Students (

Leaving Japan & Re-entry

Leaving Japan & Re-entry | Website for International Students (

  1. Re-entry Permit:Be sure to check the procedure for Re-entry Permit.
  2. Application for Temporary Leave and Overseas Travel for personal reasons
    When traveling for personal reasons, submit the required document below to the International Team with your Supervisor and Head of Department’s seal.
    Application_for_Temporary2022.pdf (
    ※When going Overseas for Academic research/experiment, submit the required document to the Faculty Office Application_for_Overseas_Travel2022.pdf (・Graduate School Office Application_for_Overseas_Travel2022.pdf (