Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the consultation time?expand_more

The maximum time is 50 minutes.

What if I can not make it to visit after making an appointment?expand_more

Please call, E-mail or visit us to cancel the appointment.

Can you promise to keep what I tell confidential?expand_more

We would never tell your concerns or what you told us to other person unless we get your agreement (except for when you are in danger or in an emergency).

How many times do I have to visit for consulatation?expand_more

Depending on your concerns, the consultation may only take once or if necessary, we can continue until your concerns are solved. We can discuss how to work together.

Would I need to pay for the consultation?expand_more

There is no cost. It is free.

I don't know if I can talk about this...expand_more

You can share any problems or concerns to us. Feel free to visit us. You can also check the "Example of concerns brought to our room."

Can I let my friend or family sit in the session with me?expand_more

Yes, but please inform us beforehand if you are bringing your family or a friend who is not a student of the School of Science.

Can you prescribe medicine for me?expand_more

No, since we are not a medical facility, we do not prescribe medicines. However, if we acknowledge the need of medication, we can refer you to the medical facility inside or outside the university.

I don't want to tell my name. Can I still make an appointment?expand_more

Since our office requires to check that you are the student of the School of Science, we will ask you to show your student ID card. If you do not want to tell us your name, please tell us the reason. We would like to discuss with you whether we can continue the consultation. We would not reject your visit because you don't tell your name, so please feel free to visit us.