Example of concerns

Example of concerns

※These are fictious cases based on previous consultations.

“I'm worried that other people will know about our consultation...”

We will not tell anyone outside the company about your visit or the content of your consultation without your consent. Our consultants specialize in clinical psychology and have a duty to protect the confidentiality and personal information obtained in the course of consultation.

However, this does not apply to emergency cases, such as when a student is in danger. We will explain this in detail during the initial consultation.

“I am the only one in my laboratory who is not doing well in my research, and I am feeling pressed and frustrated. I am not in good physical condition.”

First of all, we will ask you carefully about what you feel is "not going well" for you. In addition, we will also ask you in detail whether your impatience and physical condition are in need of medical treatment, how your supervisor and laboratory members perceive your problems, and how you have overcome similar problems in the past. We would like to hear from you in detail in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation.

Due to confidentiality obligations, we will not share the content of the consultation with faculty or staff without your consent.

If you wish, we can refer to a medical institution or attend/arrange the meeting with you and your supervisor or laboratory staffs/members.

We can also make referrals to faculty members of the science department who will advise you confidentially, such as the members of the Student Support Office Steering Committee. (Please click on the link to see the faculty members of the steering committee.)

"I don't know what I want to do in the future."

We believe that it is normal for students to experience confusion and worry about their lives. We would like to help you make a satisfactory choice by considering with you various aspects of your past career choices, your personality, what you have thought about your future, what you are good at, what you are not good at, etc., and by considering them with the realistic social situation.

If you wish, we can introduce you to career support agencies and faculty members on campus, and we can also conduct psychological testing.

“It might be too late to ask…” “I’m not sure where I should get support.”

There are a variety of services and support available to students on campus, but it can be difficult to become familiar with all of them as a student, and there may be times when you are not sure which contact point to ask for help. Please feel free to use our services in such cases.

For example, you may come to us with the following questions

  • Can I search for papers at home?
  • What should I do if I need to take a leave of absence?
  • My bicycle is missing on campus.

"I am concerned about my friend's condition recently."

When it is difficult for the “person in need” to visit a consultation center like ours, we also accept consultations from people around the person in need. It allows us to understand the condition of the person in need and the urgency of the problem, and it may be easier for the person in need to go to a consultation center.

However, if the "person in need" is not a student of the Graduate School of Science or the Faculty of Science, the Student Support Office cannot meet the person, so we can only offer advice based on the information we have received. Please understand this in advance.