International Public Relations

International Public Relations

What we do

  • Work with the Office of Communication on various public relations activities (in English and Japanese) for the School of Science.
  • Explain the latest research to the media and lay audiences through press releases, feature articles, social media content, and podcasts.
  • Organize lectures and outreach events to inspire students from all over the world.

Current projects

  • Science Café: A free seminar event open for high school and undergraduate students.
  • Press Releases: Articles publicizing the latest research to the media and lay audiences.
  • Rigakuru podcast: 2-minute summaries of the latest research from the School of Science.
  • Rigakuru Magazine: a web magazine highlighting the stories of the members and the alumni of the School of Science.
  • Social media content (Facebook, Instagram): engaging content, updates, and graphics aimed at social media users.
  • Research Impact: posters highlighting the impacts of the School of Science beyond academia.

Past projects