Industry-Academia Relations

Industry-Academia Relations

What we do

We aim to enhance the research environment at the School of Science by collaborating with private companies and other organizations. In addition to existing joint research projects, we promote collaboration between academia and industry by training the next generation of outstanding researchers.

Current projects

  • Promoting Higher Education in Collaboration with Industry
    • Promoting skill-based research internships
  • Organizational collaboration between the School of Science and industry
    • Roundtable discussions with industry
    • Naming Plan (as part of the donation system)
  • Expanding opportunities for doctoral graduates
    • Career support seminars

Past projects

Creation of a research internship support webpage Within the website of the Career Support Office at the School of Science FY2022
Roundtable discussion with companies Roundtable discussion with companies on career support for scientists
(Competencies required of doctoral students in science)
Career support seminars for students 5 sessions FY2022
Naming Plan Sky Lecture Room (SKY Corporation) FY2021
Naming Plan NSSOL Learning Studio (NS Solutions) FY2020