There are several types of residences available to International Students. The accommodations, however, are limited in number and cannot be offered to all students. With the recent increase in the number of international students, the shortage of university dormitories is more serious than ever.

The application period for entry into university dormitories is around the end of January (for students enrolling in April) and the end of June (for those enrolling in October). Application forms must be signed by your academic supervisor before submission to the International Liaison Office.

Those students who were not able to secure a dormitory room are advised to contact the International Liaison Office by e-mail ( ) at the beginning of March/September if they need any help in finding private accommodations.

Application Forms:

If you do not speak Japanese, please visit the International Liaison Office first with a completed application form (signed and stamped by your academic supervisor) from the International Lodge and ILO staff will guide you to the Management Office.