DATE2023.06.20 #学務からのお知らせ

“Building Resilience” Group Workshop「困難を乗り越える力を高める」ワークショップ

To all students at the School of Science:


The Dean of the School of Science is inviting all students to the "Building Resilience" workshop, commissioned as part of our efforts to create a supportive culture where student success and well-being are prioritized. Come join us for a discussion about mental health in Japan and learn about what you can do to build resilience and cope with stress, as well as resources available to you. International students and Japanese students are welcome.


Speaker: Ashly Schanback Ishii, TELL Japan clinician

Date: July 5th (Wed) 12:30-14:00

Venue: Koshiba Hall Foyer, 2F, Science Bldg 1, Hongo Campus, School of Science, University of Tokyo

Language: English




Mental health affects everyone and is just as important as our physical health. Everyone experiences stress, loneliness, and feeling down at some times during their lives. This is equally true for international students, who can face various stressors related to their studies and living in a different country.


What You'll Learn


  • An overview of mental health
  • Specific factors for mental health for students
  • Stress Management and Coping Techniques
  • Specific Exercises that you can implement in your own life
  • Available resources for mental health support


The group workshop is interactive, and the students have the opportunity to practice a number of coping strategies such as, a grounding exercise, guided mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, a bilateral stimulation exercise, and a diaphragmatic breathing exercise. The goal is for the students to understand the impacts of stress, recognize the warning signs of burn out, and begin to assemble their own self-care routine and coping strategies.


The workshop is organized by the International Team with the support of the Graduate School Office and School of Science Faculty members, in collaboration with TELL Japan


Register here by, preferably, July 2nd, 2023 (Sun):


You can register anonymously.


We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


International Team

Academic Affairs Office


TEL: 03-5841-4198, 03-5841-7953