Program Details

Description of Ohkoshi Lab research:

Ohkoshi laboratory has been trying to open a new field of solid-state chemistry by design and synthesis of novel magnets which have novel properties and functionalities. The solid-state materials in Ohkoshi Lab can be divided into two types, metal complexes and metal oxides. In the former category, over 500 coordination networks have been created in Ohkoshi Lab with various structures ranging from 0-D to 3-D, and these materials can couple magnetic functionalities with different physical properties, for example, humidity sensitive magnetization, spin-ionics, ferroelectric-ferromagnetism, switchable SHG polarization in chiral magnet, terahertz wave detection, and so on. In the latter category, epsilon-phase iron oxide nanoparticles have been chemically engineered towards the applications of magnetic recording tape, millimeter wave absorber, novel recording mechanism, and so on. Additionally, titanium oxides were developed as long-term heat storage ceramics, making industrial waste heat no longer useless.

In this UTRIP online program, student(s) will dabble in the research topic of functional lanthanide complexes and try to design a coordination network by using molecular building block approach. Then, a series of characterizations will be performed, including spectroscopy, elemental analysis, structure analysis, magnetic measurement, photoluminescence study, and so on. Through these experiments, student(s) will get new functional materials based on lanthanide complexes.


Schedule of Pilot UTRIP:

During the four weeks of UTRIP program, student(s) will do research remotely in Ohkoshi Laboratory following the schedule below.

  • Introduction of Laboratory (※Online)
  • Research Introduction (Video lectures)
  • Report 1 concerning Ohkoshi lab. research works
  • Lectures for experiments (Video lectures)
    Synthesis, Microscopy, Spectroscopy (IR, UV-vis-NIR absorption), Elemental analysis (CHN, TGA), Structure analysis 1 (powder XRD), Structure analysis 2 (single-crystal XRD), Magnetic measurement (SQUID measurement)
  • Midterm discussion (※Online)
  • Report 2 concerning the lectures for experiments
  • Discussion for experiments (※Online)
  • Experiments including synthesis, characterization, and analysis (Video lectures)
  • Discussion for experimental results (※Online)
  • Final presentation (※Online)
  • Report 3 concerning the conducted experiments