Can you inform me on the fees and costs of the program?expand_more

There are no program or accommodation fees. See this page for details on what financial support the participants receive.

I am not sure which area my university falls under in deciding the One-time Allowance for the "GSS-UTRIP Scholarship". Can you clarify it?expand_more

Please refer to the Region names listed under "Counties & Regions" on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan:
When you click on a region name in the header or in the map, you can see the list of countries and areas categorized under that region.

I am currently in my second year of a four-year Bachelor program. Am I eligible to apply for UTRIP?expand_more

Yes, you are. However, first year students are not.

I am in the final year of my university and my graduation date will be August 15th, after the end of the UTRIP program. Am I still eligible to apply for UTRIP?expand_more

No. Students must be enrolled in, as well as expected to be returning after the end of the UTRIP program to, at least another semester, quarter, or another equivalent academic term, in a Bachelor's degree program at a university outside of Japan in order to be eligible to apply. If you are not returning to a Bachelor's degree program or its equivalent you are not eligible for application.

I am on an integrated Master's course. Am I eligible to apply?expand_more

Students on an integrated Bachelor's/Master's course are eligible to apply if they are and will still be enrolled for another semester, quarter, etc., in a Bachelor's-equivalent year of your program. For the purpose of eligibility criteria for UTRIP, we will count the final year in an integrated Bachelor's/Master's course as a Master's-equivalent year.

I do not have any experience in research. Can I still apply for UTRIP?expand_more

Yes, you are eligible to apply even if you do not have previous research experience.

My major is medical genetics. Am I eligible to apply?expand_more

Yes, you are. UTRIP is open to students in the science, engineering, and all other relevant fields.

My first language is not English, but I have been studying in an English-medium university for two years already. Do I have to submit TOEFL scores?expand_more

Yes, you need to submit TOEFL scores or equivalent English proficiency test scores if your continuous English-medium education (that is to say, studying all courses in English) is less than 8 years.

I have not taken either TOEFL or IELTS, but I have _____ test scores. Does this count as being equivalent to TOEFL scores?expand_more

You must have test scores from a widely administered standardized test for your application to be complete. Beyond this, we cannot answer questions on whether a specific test will count as "equivalent to TOEFL" or not, as this judgement will be made within the selection process. Please note, however, that TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC are the only well-known such tests in Japan. If your test scores are from a different type of standardized test, then we strongly encourage you to provide the URL of a trusted source which provides an equivalency table comparing the test that you have taken to one or more of the above three tests.

Please let me know the minimum score for TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC required in order to be selected.expand_more

No. We do not disclose any information about our selection process.

I am planning to take the TOEFL in February. Is it too late?expand_more

Yes, it is too late. You must be able to fill in an existing score at the time of your online application.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to obtain my academic transcript, can I send it to you after the deadline?expand_more

No, you must obtain all required documents before the designated deadline. There is no exception.

My university doesn't issue an English version of the official transcript. Do I have to pay for an expert to translate my transcript into English?expand_more

No, you do not necessarily need to arrange for a professional translation. You may translate your official transcript by yourself. In either case, the translator's name and written oath declaring the correctness of the translation is needed at the top of the translation.

I have already submitted my application, but now I wish to add an extra report to my application. See it attached to my email. Can you add it to my application?expand_more

No. You cannot send us documents by email. If you need to add an extra piece of data relevant to your application, or need to replace a document, then please re-apply with the new set of documents before the deadline and inform us of the application ID number of the application that you would like to use.

I have already submitted my application, but now I found that one of my information (name, email address, recommender's information, etc.,) was wrong. Can you correct the information for me?expand_more

No. Please re-apply with a correct information before the deadline and inform us of the application ID number of the application that you would like to use.

Can my recommender submit the recommendation letter by email?expand_more

No. Due to security reasons our email server automatically blocks many file formats including but not limited to MS Word.

I am a Faculty member. I tried to submit a letter of recommendation for my student before the deadline, but could not access the link / encountered a technical error, what should I do?expand_more

Please send an email to us before the recommendation-related inquiries deadline as written below, describing the problem that you have encountered. We will then send you an alternative method for sending us your completed recommendation form (there are specific questions that need to be responded to, so your recommendation letter alone will not complete the applicant's application). Please also note that, due to security reasons, our email server automatically blocks emails with specific types of attachment files, including MS word.

I asked my professor to write a letter of recommendation. Can you confirm that you received it?expand_more

When your recommender sends us your recommendation using the online system, both you and the recommender will receive an automated email saying that the recommendation form has been submitted. As long as you have not received such an email, your recommender has not submitted your recommendation yet.
Before asking your recommender again to submit the recommendation for you, however, make sure to check that this automated confirmation email has not been mistakenly treated as spam by your email server or email software.

I have missed the deadline by just one minute. Wouldn't you please accept my application?expand_more

No. The deadline is very strict. Also note that the recommendation deadline is also strict, and your recommender will only receive a link to the recommendation form when you submit your application. Therefore, to ensure that your recommender can find the time to submit a recommendation for you before the deadline, you should submit your application well before your deadline.

Will I be able to receive any feed back of my application status?expand_more

No. Selected applicants will be contacted by UTRIP Office around March to April, but applicants who are not selected will not receive any emails. If you do not hear from us, please keep checking our website for updates:
where the results will be announced in April.


First please read the UTRIP application instructions carefully and see if you can find the answer to your questions anywhere on our pages. If you still have unanswered questions, please e-mail us to: , clearly writing your name and/or application number in the email.

*Note that, due to the large number of emails we receive and our limited capacity, we will only reply to inquiries relating to application that arrive before noon, Friday January 5th, 2024, Japan Standard Time (GMT+0900), and to inquiries relating to recommendations that arrive before noon, Friday January 12th, 2024, Japan Standard Time (GMT+0900).

Questions on UTRIP research topic:

Please contact the relevant faculty via e-mail.