Financial support

Financial support (2024)

Financial support to cover participation expenses: UTRIP participants will be granted financial support to cover their costs and expenses in two forms: (1) The Graduate School of Science (GSS) Scholarship for UTRIP-Related Expenses ("GSS-UTRIP Scholarship"), and (2) the FUTI Award (Friends of UTokyo, Inc.) Please note that the FUTI Award is applicable to students who are currently enrolled in U. S. universities regardless of their citizenship. When an applicant is selected to receive the FUTI Award, he or she cannot concurrently receive a GSS-UTRIP Scholarship. A GSS-UTRIP Scholarship will be applicable when an application to the FUTI Award is rejected by the sponsor.

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Conditions to receive the financial support:

  • All participants are required to stay at the facilities designated by the school during the program period regardless of the form of financial support to be granted.
  • Participants shall not leave before completing the program without obtaining prior written consent from both the supervisor of the host laboratory and the Head of the International Team, Academic Affairs Group.

I. Graduate School of Science (GSS) Scholarship for UTRIP-Related Expenses ("GSS-UTRIP Scholarship")

One-time Allowance:
University location of the selected UTRIP participant Allowance amount
Asia / Eastern Russia / Oceania & Pacific Regions 140,000JPY
Europe / Western Russia / North America 160,000JPY
Latin America & the Caribbean / Africa / Middle East 170,000JPY

*Regions in Russia to the east of the Ural Mountains are counted as "Eastern Russia", and those to the west of the Ural Mountains are counted as "Western Russia".

This allowance will be provided to support both the round trip airfare to Japan and daily expenses such as transportation in Japan.

Housing: As part of the GSS-UTRIP Scholarship, free housing will be provided for the duration of the stay (43 nights).


  • Payment of the One-time Allowance will be made upon the student's arrival at UTokyo.
  • Receiving any financial support other than the GSS-UTRIP scholarship for the same coverage period and/or for the same purpose is restricted for GSS-UTRIP scholarship recipients.

II. FUTI (Friends of UTokyo, Inc.) Summer Internship Award ("FUTI Award")

  1. Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (FUTI) agreed to the underlying principle in the UTRIP program and decided to offer a few to several awards (up to $ 4,000 per student) to outstanding students.
  2. The FUTI Award is an internship award to students enrolled in U.S. universities regardless of their citizenship.
  3. Selection to the award will be made by the selection committee of FUTI. When a U.S. student applying for the UTRIP program is interested in the FUTI Award, they should separately apply for the FUTI Award through their website.

You can read the reports submitted by the FUTI awardees participating in UTRIP in the past years at the web pages below: