Accommodation & Meals


A privately managed off-campus residence facility specially designed for short-term stays will be provided sharing with one or two participants. All rooms will be equipped with beds, desks and air-conditioning. A kitchen or a small kitchenette, fridge, laundry machine, shower room, and toilet are also available inside or outside of the room. The residence facility is located about 30 minutes away from the Hongo campus of UTokyo by train or on foot. A grocery store or a convenience store is located nearby.

Please note that the posted facility is only tentatively reserved.
Actual living conditions are subject to change without notice.


You can enjoy any kind of meal in Tokyo. At the school cafeteria, you can eat at around 400~700yen per meal. Sandwiches cost around 400~600yen. If you eat outside of the University, lunch is 800~1000yen, and dinner is 1200~1500yen. Light meal and drinks are available at convenience stores located on the University Campus.

Major eating places on Hongo campus:
Co-op Refectory "Chuo Shokudo"
Big refectory located under the Yasuda auditorium which has a cafeteria, buffet, live kitchen and café.
They offer lunch sets at around 400~700 yen.
Halal meal and vegetarian meal are available.
Co-op "Second Refectory"
Cafeteria style restaurant. They also offer halal food dishes.
Co-op Refectory "Icho-Metro"
Smaller refectory.
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For vegetarians:

You can get information on the following websites:
For vegans: