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DATE2023.08.09 #News from Academic Affairs

Announcement] School Internship Program at the Faculty of Education's Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education

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School Internship Program at the Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo, for 1st Year Junior High School Students Accommodation Program "Nakasendo", Call for Applicants to Accompany!

Application period: Thursday, August 10 - Thursday, August 31

Application method: Apply via the web registration form

This is an overnight program for first-year junior high school students to learn about the "roads" that once played an important role in Japan's distribution arteries through walking from Magomejuku to Tsumagojuku on the Nakasendo Road and around Suwa Taisha Shrine under the theme of "Exploring the roots of Japan".

Undergraduate students (3rd year and above) and graduate students who wish to teach and are interested in inquiry-based learning are preferred.

October 25 (Wed.) - 27 (Fri.) *Preliminary meeting will be held between late September and early October.

Meeting place: Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education (tentative)

Number of applicants: 3-6 people

◆Assistance from the University (tentative) Accommodation and other expenses will be provided based on the University's travel expenses regulations.

URL of the web registration form


Contact for inquiries on this matter Toshihiko Asakawa , Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-based Research (CASEER)