“How did the universe begin?” “What happened at the birth of the Earth?” “What is the origin of life?” Researchers in a wide range of scientific fields are actively pursuing interdisciplinary research in response to these questions and as a result our understanding of the answers has grown tremendously in recent years.

As well as a strong foundation in their specialized fields, students in this program acquire the ability to independently create new research fields by combining different subject areas.

Students from various fields work together to approach common questions using concepts and technologies developed in each field. Through the cooperation of science and engineering, we also provide programs that focus on industrial applications.

In addition to an interdisciplinary education, we also place great importance on improving students’ skills in group discussion and research proposal writing. In the special exercises offered in this program, small groups of students from different disciplines hold two days of discussions with the aim of finding a joint research theme. In the Qualifying and Final Examinations, students must submit a research proposal in a field different from that of their current research and discuss its content with the examiners.

Interdisciplinary research in this program covers many disciplines, including astronomy, planetary science, earth science, physics, chemistry, biology, and space engineering. I am looking forward to creating a world that no one has seen before with you.


Prof. HIROSE Kei, Program Coordinator