• Interdisciplinary combined Master's/Doctoral program
  • Quality assurance (Qualifying Examination, Final Examination)
  • Secondary supervisor system
  • Financial support (Appointing as TAKUETSU Research Assistants)
  • International research experience and internship
  • Cooperation with private companies
  • Accepting students from different backgrounds, including international students and students with full-time work experience


The objective of the program is to train excellent students who already have a strong basis in their specialized fields to play active roles internationally as Doctoral graduate. Through the program, the students will develop the following qualities in addition to their knowledge of earth-space science:

  • Excellent research ability in a specialized field related to earth-space science
  • Ability to independently create new research fields by combining different subject areas, and to carry out interdisciplinary research in such fields
  • A global mindset and the communication skills needed to communicate with society and play an active role in the international community

Application Requirements

  • You must be a student at the University of Tokyo and have enrolled in the Graduate School of Science, the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering, the Department of Advanced Energy or the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering, both in the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
  • You aim to acquire a PhD degree in earth-space science, in the broad sense of the term
  • You fully understand the purpose of IGPEES, as well as the course requirements and other rules, and will cooperate with activities related to IGPEES
  • You intend to enroll in the Doctoral program at one of the above-listed departments
  • You agree to apply for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, and should you be accepted, you also agree to stay in IGPEES
  • You are eager to gain experience abroad and to apply for the JSPS Overseas Challenge Program for Young Researchers or other relevant programs

Enrollment Period

Students who enrolled in the Master's program in April will be enrolled in the program from October of their first year of the Master's program.

In January or February of their second year of the Master's program, a Qualifying Examination (QE) will be held to select those permitted to stay in the program throughout their Doctoral studies. The QE will include the submission of a research proposal for your Doctoral research and the oral defense of the proposal.

Those who are selected to stay in the course will take their Final Examination (FE) in the summer of their third year of the Doctoral program, and those who pass the FE will qualify to complete the course. The FE will include the submission of a research report and the oral defense of the report. The course will be completed if and when the students receive their PhD degrees. For those who submit their dissertations early, IGPEES will be completed at the time of the conferral of their degrees, provided that they have qualified to complete the course by that time.

*Students who enrolled in their Master's program from September will join the program from April of their first year of the Master's program. Their Qualifying Examination will take place around summer of their second year of the Master's program and their Final Examination will be conducted in January or February of their third year of the Doctoral program.

Enrollment Period