Prof. ASAI Shoji

Photon science is a fundamental area of science and one of Japan's strengths. It covers the whole range of theory, experiment, and applied research and includes fields such as quantum computing, information transmission, measurement and processing technology, and other fields of science and technology related to light. Photon science is expected to accelerate the interdisciplinary development of academia and innovation in science and technology and be the core for the creation of new value in a super-smart society (Society 5.0). Researchers in photon science and those who can implement such research results in society are expected to drive knowledge innovation and future industry, and as such, demand for their training is increasing.

We have thus established a new degree program to train outstanding doctoral graduates in photon science, a field in which our university has a particular strength. This integrated Masters-Doctoral degree program is designed to foster "knowledge professionals" who can respond to the demands of academia and industry. To do this, the Graduate Schools of Science and Engineering, top-class organizations with world-leading researchers in the field of photon science, are drawing on the reform achieved under the Program for Leading Graduate Schools at our university, and introducing new measures to create a diverse and international environment for study and research.

We provide numerous opportunities to learn beyond the existing disciplines. These include daily guidance by multiple world-leading researchers, cross-disciplinary course work in collaboration with other fields and industry, and research internships at domestic and international institutions, including in industry. We have improved our multiple supervisory system by making it possible to assign renowned international researchers as secondary supervisors to enable students to establish an international network and gain skills to fully present their abilities in the international arena. In addition, students will acquire group discussion skills through oral examinations on their research proposal in the Qualifying Examination before entrance to the Doctoral program and on their research results in the Final Examination for completion of the course.

We hope that all XPS students will work together in the interdisciplinary field of "light" to overcome the barriers between disciplines and become "knowledge professionals" in photon science.

Prof. ASAI Shoji, Program Coordinator