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Internship] JAXA Internship in FY2023

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Documents to be submitted

  Curriculum vitae for internship applicants (prepared by student): Word and PDF format data

2. Submission Deadline and Method

(1) Submission deadline: Friday, April 14, 2023 (strictly noon)

(2) Submission method: Upload the application form here.*(For science students only)

   Please name the file as follows: "[University of Tokyo, student name] [University of Tokyo, student name]".

   The University of Tokyo, Student Name] Curriculum Vitae of Applicant for Internship Practicum

3. reference URL

4. Notes

(1) Please be sure to check your application thoroughly before applying, as declining an application after it has been submitted may affect your chances of being selected for an internship at the University of Tokyo. (2) Please apply for JAXA internships at the URL listed in "3.

(2) Please check the JAXA internship information page at the URL listed in "3.

(3) The "Contact information for universities, schools, etc." on the internship applicant's resume will be filled out by the Academic Affairs Division.

(4) In the resume and applicant information, please use the official name of the university ("The University of Tokyo", "The University of Tokyo", "The University of Tokyo", "The University of Tokyo", "The University of Tokyo"). (e.g., "National University Corporation, The University of Tokyo")

(5) Please attach a separate sheet of paper to the resume of the applicant for practical training if the information cannot be fully described in the resume. In that case, please include the name and school name on the attached sheet as well.

(6) If you wish to participate in a program that is held outside of the long vacation period, please try to participate in a way that does not conflict with your academic schedule or affect your studies.