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DATE2023.01.27 #News from Academic Affairs

The meeting for visiting alumni of public offices and public corporations will be held on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

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The University of Tokyo, Government and Public Office

Date】 2023/2/14 (Tue) 14:00-16:35

Format】 Online (zoom)

Students enrolled in The University of Tokyo (regardless of grade or affiliation).


Part 1: Self-introduction Speeches by Graduates

Part 2: Roundtable discussion between graduates and current students (30 minutes x 4 sessions)

<Participating government agencies (tentative) > (Alphabetical order, titles omitted)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan|Finance Agency|National Police Agency|Nuclear Regulation Authority

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare|Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism|Ministry of Finance|House of Councilors Legislation Bureau

The University of Tokyo|Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries|Ministry of Defense (administrative staff)

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