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(Important) The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, announces the offer system for Master's and Professional Degree Programs with a deadline of 1/31/2023 (for students who plan to enter the program in 2023).

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Dear Prospective Students for Master's Degree Graduate School of Science

(This e-mail is sent to all successful applicants, regardless of who they are.)

Regarding the informal system for the Master's and Professional Degree Programs (for students who plan to enter the Graduate School of Science in 2023 )

The informal system of refund waiver for master's and professional degree programs will begin for students who will enter the graduate school in 2023.
The system is available to students who wish to enter a master's or professional degree program (hereinafter referred to as "master's program, etc.") in the 2023 academic year, and who are eligible to receive a refund waiver offer for the following programs. The eligible applicants are those who wish to enter a master's or professional degree program (hereinafter referred to as "master's program, etc.") in the 2023 academic year and satisfy all of the following conditions [1] to [3].
In addition, those who were selected for the Type 1 Scholarship as a result of the Graduate School Reservation Adoption or Graduate School Enrollment Adoption in the 2023 academic year (*1) are also eligible for this scholarship.

Those who are recognized as having the potential to achieve particularly outstanding results based on the results of the graduate school entrance examination, etc., may receive an informal offer of exemption from repayment within the number of recommended quotas set by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

 [1] Applicants must be using the new scholarship system (including the old scholarship system) at their undergraduate school or be a household exempt from residential taxation.
 [2] The applicant must wish to enter a specific field of study ("a field that contributes to the creation of scientific and technological innovation (information, AI, quantum, materials, etc.)" or "a field that takes advantage of the strengths of the university or the region").
 [3] Applicants must be recognized as having the ability to conduct research in the specific field described in [2] above, or as having the ability to work in an occupation that requires a high degree of specialization.

In addition, if you are offered a position, you will undergo a mid-term evaluation once a year to confirm that you have achieved the grades appropriate for the position. The loan offer may be cancelled due to poor academic performance or other reasons.
In addition, if the loan is "suspended" or "discontinued" during the loan period, or if the student is unable to complete the course of study (obtain a degree) within the period of study (*2), the offer of refund waiver will be rescinded.

Even if you have been offered a loan, you must apply for the "Exemption from refund for outstanding achievement" in the year in which the loan ends.
Please read the "Application Guide" below carefully for detailed information on the application period and application procedures.
Applicants must also submit the following application form.





Application Form (for students who plan to enter the university in 2023)

PDF file


Application Form (Student's Name) (For students planning to enter higher education in 2023)

Excel file


SCARANET Input Draft Form (Not Required)

PDF file

Application deadline: Tuesday,January31
Application form submission address: URL link (file uploader will open)

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