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DATE2022.12.26 #News from Academic Affairs

Academic Gowns】Handling of Ceremonial Uniforms for the March 2023 Graduation and Degree Conferral Ceremonies

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The academic gowns are worn at the graduation and degree conferment ceremonies.

The University of Tokyo has established a system of wearing academic gowns in accordance with the requirements of each degree.

Students who are scheduled to graduate or complete their studies on March, 2023 and wish to rent or purchase the ceremonial clothes, please refer to the following website for the application procedures.

Please refer to the following website for the procedure if you wish to rent or purchase a ceremonial dress: https: //

The rental period is from January 5, 2023 (Thursday) around 1:00 p.m. to February 28, 2011 (Tuesday), but please note that the number of uniforms in stock is limited.

[If you wish to wear the uniform on the day of the ceremony, please proceed as soon as possible.

The University of Tokyo Student Co-operative is responsible for the rental and purchase of ceremonial clothing.