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DATE2022.10.05 #News from Academic Affairs

Notice] About the AY 2022 Medical Check-ups for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers [Notice].

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Dear all students of Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

Medical Examination for Newly Enrolled Fall 2022 Students Eligibility: (1) Newly enrolled fall 2022 students and (2) Students who have not yet entered Japan as of June 1, 2022 who will be newly enrolled in fall 2020, 2021, or 2022 [Master's students, Doctoral students, Latter Term Undergraduate Students, Auditing Students, Special Auditor Students, Research Students, Special Research Students, Graduate Research Students, Graduate Foreign Research Students D. student, Special Research Student, Graduate Research Student, Graduate International Research Student】 Web-based medical checkups and appointments will be available from October 4, 17:00. For details, please check the website of the Health Center.

AY 2022 Medical Check-ups for Autumn Entry Students and Researchers Eligible persons: 1. Following students admitted to the University of Tokyo in Autumn 2020 or 2021 in Spring 2022, and have not yet entered the country by Jun.1st, 2022 2022 [1st year Master's, Doctorate program students, Undergraduate transfer students (3rd year), Auditing students, Special auditing students, Research students, Special research students Students, Research students, Special research students, Graduate research students, Graduate foreign research students】 We will start accepting the Online Medical Questionnaires and reservations from 5 pm on October 4. Please check our website for details.