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Industry Alliance Division] Open Call for On-Campus Jobs

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(Central Administration Bureau, Division of University Corporate Relations, On-Campus Job Open Call for "Compilation of Comprehensive Information on Papers for the Seeds Search of The University of Tokyo")

(Title of the job) Comprehensive compilation of information on publications for the search of seeds of The University of Tokyo

(Job Summary)

The Central Administration Bureau is compiling a comprehensive list of the latest publications by faculty members at the University of Tokyo to create a resource for seed research. Based on this list, with the consent of each faculty member responsible for research, we plan and implement the introduction of seeds to potential partner companies, or use the list as a resource for venture creation or entrepreneurial support. The main purpose of this job is to further deepen the list of published papers and organize the information by purpose. This is a meaningful job that will allow students in each field to make full use of their specialized skills and at the same time broaden their professional knowledge. Specialists from the Central Administration Bureau and the Office of Strategic Research Alliance will be assigned to each field (with many years of experience in corporate R&D), and the work will be planned and carried out in close consultation with the staff in charge of this job.

(Doctoral students of The University of Tokyo

(Number of applicants) Approximately two persons in each of the following fields

(1) Life sciences (medicine, pharmacy, biological sciences, agriculture, veterinary medicine, etc.)

(2) Engineering (electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, physical engineering, etc.)

(Application period) Until September 22, 2022

(How to apply) Complete the application form and submit it as an e-mail attachment to the application address below. Mail the application form to

Please make the title "OCJ Application".

(Selection will be made by interview (online or in person) at the Central Administration Bureau of University Corporate Relations.

(Period of the job) From October, 2009 to March, 2023

(Remuneration) 1,500 yen per hour

(Method of payment) Payable at the end of each month by the end of the following month by bank transfer.

(Amount of work) 4 to 6 hours per week (Hours of work to be negotiated) (Location of activities)

(Location) ・Home, laboratory, etc. (work will be conducted online)

(Work will be conducted online) ・When working at home, etc., you will be required to use your own PC and Internet connection to conduct the work.

(Location of work: to be negotiated) ・Work at home, in a laboratory, etc. (online work)

In the case of work at home, you will be required to work using your own PC and internet connection.

In the case of work at home, you will be required to use your own PC and internet connection.

(Contact for inquiries and applications) On-Campus Jobs, Central Administration Bureau of University Corporate Relations (