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Online Education Support Supporter_7/29 Deadline

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The University of Tokyo "Online Education Support Supporter" Recruitment Announcement

&; University of Tokyo nbsp; Center for Research and Development of Higher Education
& & nbsp; University of Tokyo nbsp; Online Education Support Unit
& & nbsp; Open Education Unit nbsp; Open Education Unit

 This announcement is also available in PDF format at the following URL
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The University invites applications for Online Education Support Supporters (OES), who will perform tasks for the advancement and universalization of online education at the University, as described below.
The OES is divided into groups to perform various tasks related to online education, such as designing and writing articles for "utelecon," a portal site for online classes and conferences, working on English translations, and checking copyrights for content published on the Internet.
This time, we are looking for a wide range of people who can take charge of the above-mentioned tasks related to OES on a long-term, gradual basis, as well as those who can take charge of the work related to copyright handling (work of OER: Open Educational Resources group) on an intensive and short-term basis, especially from this summer through the fall. If you would like to work a lot this summer, or if you are interested in the use of copyrighted materials in research presentations or educational content, please apply with great enthusiasm. Of course, those who want to be involved on a long-term basis are also welcome.

■Outline of work
* Work location: In principle, you will work online from your home or laboratory. If you prefer, you can work at the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education (Central Administration Bureau 2, Hongo Campus).
* Working hours: Free time outside of class hours determined in consultation with Academic and Administrative Staff. Each group meets once a week for about one hour, and there is also a monthly/one-hour general meeting.
* Duration of activity: Renewal every 2 months, negotiable.
* Hourly rate: 1,300 yen / hour for hourly rate; payment will be based on results for article writing and English translations.

■Description of work
* Image of related work for copyright processing
For lecture materials to be posted on "Todai OCW " and "Todai TV," websites that publish lecture videos and materials held in Todai on the Internet, materials (mainly images) used in slides,
 (1) Source research: Search on the Web or check references in the library.
 (2) Determine whether or not the material can be used publicly: Check the terms and conditions of the publisher.
 (3) Input into database.
 (4) Edit the published version of the slides: replace, delete, add captions, etc.
(5) Edit slides in the published version: replace, delete, add captions, etc.

* How to proceed with the work
o A complete manual is provided, and Academic and Administrative Staff are available to answer questions.
o The work itself is mainly done alone, silently at the PC.
o Of course, it is also possible to collaborate with teammates by talking on the phone, etc.
o Some degree of communication and teamwork is required to ask questions, report progress, and share information with Academic and Administrative Staff and teammates.

* Tools used
o Google Drive
o Slack
o Daso Center's original database system (not difficult to use)

* The University of Tokyo students (from Master's to Doctoral students, any grade is acceptable)
* Able to work at least 3 hours per week (working hours can be adjusted before examinations and thesis deadlines).
* Those who can observe working rules and manners.
* Those who can act in a moral manner and report, communicate, and consult with others.
* Those who are willing to handle personal information and non-public information obtained in the course of their work, both during and after the employment period.
* Detailed knowledge of copyright is not required. You will be expected to study it little by little during your working hours.

How to enter
If you are interested, please log in to ECCS Cloud Mail (, access the application form linked below, read the instructions, and submit your entry.
The deadline is Friday, July 29 (may be extended depending on the number of applications received).

We will review your entry and conduct an interview (online) if necessary. We will contact you shortly for subsequent information sessions and document submission. If you have any questions, please contact us at the e-mail address below.
[Inquiries to
Online Enrollment Support (OES) Unit, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education