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National Museum of Nature and Science Special Exhibition

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Dear all

We are pleased to inform you of the special exhibition that will be held at the Ueno Honkan from July 16, 2012.



Special Exhibition "Fossil Hunters: Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert and the Supersized Beasts of the Himalayas" (Ueno Main Library)

Dates: July 16, 2022 (Sat) - October 10, 2022 (Mon)

Summary: A full-body skeletal reconstruction of "Tibetan Kesai" and a biological model are exhibited for the first time in the world!

While tracing dinosaur and mammal fossils, Roy Chapman Andrews and

the explorations of the fossil hunters who followed his exploits.

Students of the University Partnership Schools can see the special exhibition "Fossil Hunters" for 1,370 yen (630 yen discount) instead of 2,000 yen for adults and university students by showing your student ID card.

Reservations: To enter the "Fossil Hunter" special exhibition, you must make an online reservation (free of charge) for a specific date and time.

Please present your student ID card and pay the admission fee at the special exhibition ticket booth on the day of your visit.

(Payment can only be made at the ticket office. Please do not purchase tickets online or at play guides.)

For details, see "Date/Time Reservations and Ticket Information" on the official website.

Please refer to the purchase flow chart 05 "University Partnership enrolled school students".



National Museum of Nature and Science x Dr.STONE "Dr.STONE and the World of Science" (Ueno Museum)

Dates: until 2022/9/4 (Sun.)

Summary: An exhibition featuring the popular science-themed animation "Dr. Stone" and a comprehensive collection of natural history and the history of science and technology.

This is a collaborative project of the National Museum of Nature and Science, a comprehensive museum of natural history, history of science and technology.

Students of *University Partnership Schools can visit the permanent exhibition for free by showing their student ID card.

In addition, the above collaborative project can be viewed free of charge together with the permanent exhibition.

Reservations: Advance online reservations are currently required for admission to the Ueno Main Library.

     Please make reservations through the museum's website


Various special exhibitions are also being held and scheduled at the Tsukuba Experimental Botanical Gardens and the Botanical Gardens for Nature Education.

Students of the University Partnership Schools may view them free of charge by presenting their student ID card. (Website of Tsukuba Experimental Botanical Garden) (Website of the Nature Education Center)