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DATE2022.06.30 #News from Academic Affairs

(Well-known) On-campus job at the Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education of The University of Tokyo (Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education)

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Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo

Job Description: Provide learning support for 2nd year junior high school students in supplementary classes at the attached secondary education school.

Subjects to be recruited: English, Mathematics About 10 students

Qualifications: Graduate students of the university (teaching experience is not required)

Dates: Tuesday, July 26, Wednesday, July 27, and Thursday, July 28

If you can do a little, please apply even if you can't do all days.

Time: 13:30 - 15:00

Place: Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education

Salary Master's course: 1,300 yen Doctoral course: 1,500 yen

Transportation between the station nearest your home and the attached secondary school will be provided.

Application Form: Please fill out the application form, attach it to an e-mail along with a copy of your student ID card, and send it to the Faculty of Education Student Support Team, Teaching Section by [Monday, July 18, 2012].

Selection results will be announced by Friday, July 22.

URL of the application form

z Poster

Contact for inquiries and application forms

Faculty of Education, Student Support Team, Teaching