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DATE2022.06.10 #News from Academic Affairs

For 3rd year students] "English for Science" course questionnaire (Deadline: 7/18)

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Dear 3rd year students of Faculty of Science

 The Faculty of Science will offer a common course "Academic English for Science" in A1 and A2 terms.

 The purpose of this class is to improve your English communication skills (speaking and hearing) for your future global activities. In the first semester of the College of Arts and Sciences, students focus on writing and reading, and in their fourth year, they have more opportunities to actually read and write academic papers in English. However, the number of classes that focus on speaking and hearing by native speaker lecturers is very few even at the University of Tokyo as a whole. We hope that you will be able to acquire the English skills necessary for presenting your research at international conferences and for interacting with overseas researchers in English.
 The following seven classes will be offered. Of the seven classes, three classes will be offered at the Hongo Campus (Advanced Course and Basic Course) and one class will be offered at the Komaba Campus (Intermediate Course) for students in the Department of Mathematics. Grading will be based mainly on how well you participate in the lectures and develop your academic skills, regardless of whether you are in the "Advanced Course" or the "Basic Course". The timetable is as follows. On the Hongo campus, courses are offered on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays in the Faculty of Science Building No. 1 or the Faculty of Science Chemistry Building. On Komaba Campus, classes will be held in the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences building.

≪Time Schedule
Monday, 3rd period (13:15-14:45) "Basic course
Monday, 4th period (15:10-16:40) "Advanced course
Friday, 2nd class (10:25-11:55) "Basic course
Friday, 3rd class (13:15-14:45) "Advanced course
Saturday, 3rd class (13:15-14:45) "Basic course
Saturday, 4th period (15:10-16:40) "Advanced course

For Department of Mathematics (Komaba)
Thursday, 4th period (15:10-16:40) "Intermediate course

The above schedule is based on a 90-minute class, but it may be changed to a 105-minute class.

≪Instructor≫ Mr. Timothy Wright, and 1 other instructor.
Timothy Wright and 1 other (TBA)

≪Course Outline
The following questionnaire will be sent out to those who wish to take the course.

Please make sure to respond to the questionnaire by [Monday, July 18].

(1) Please select as many classes as possible that you wish to take (that are convenient for you).
Please be sure to include both "Advanced course" and "Basic course".
(2) Students who wish to take only the Komaba class should select only the Komaba class. (You do not need to take the placement test.)
(2) Placement test (placement test by ability) will be conducted by oral examination of about 10 minutes per person.

The date, time, and location will be announced shortly.

June 6, 2022

Atsushi Kawakita, Chair, Faculty of Science Academic Affairs Committee