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DATE2022.05.23 #News from Academic Affairs

Summer Training at the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management in 2022

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Documents to be submitted

Practicum Student Questionnaire ( Form-1): Word format data

2. Submission Deadline and Method

(1) Deadline for submission [Tuesday, May 31, 2022

(2) How to submit: Upload the file here.

  Please name the file as follows.

Survey Form for Trainees→[Name of University of Tokyo/Student] Survey Form for Trainees

3. URL for reference

4. Points to keep in mind

( 1) Declining to apply for an internship after the application has been submitted may have an impact on the University's ability to recruit interns, soplease be sure to check the application thoroughly before applying. (2) For the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM) internship, please apply for the internship at a new type of corona virus.

( 2)Please be advised that the Institute for National Land and Infrastructure Managementmay cancel theinternship depending on the status of thenewcoronavirus.

(3) This internship is for students and pupils of civil engineering and architecture, but please consult with us if you are not interested in other fields.

 Reference link

The University has requested that companies "give due consideration to the timing of the internship so that it does not interfere with the students' studies, and,in principle, give due consideration to the academic schedule, including the use of long vacations. (This is a request to ensure that internships are not a hindrance to students' studies.(This does not apply to internships as part of the regular education program at universities.)