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Internship] 2022 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Internship

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Please make sure that your academic schedule will not be interfered with before applying.

Documents to be submitted (download from here )

  Curriculum Vitae (and) Research Questionnaire (to be filled out by students): excel format data

2. Submission Deadline and Method

 (1) Deadline for submission Monday, May 9, 2022

 (2) Submission method: Upload here

    (2) Submission method: Upload the file here.

    →The University of Tokyo, Student Name] Curriculum Vitae (and) Questionnaire" 3.

3. Reference URL

4. Notes

(1) Declining to apply for an internship after the application has been submitted may affect the University's ability to recruit interns, so please be sure to check the application thoroughly. (2) For the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) internship program, please consider the prevalence of new types of coronavirus infectious diseases.

(2) Regarding the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications internship program, there is a possibility that some or all of the programs may be conducted online (instead of at the offices of the Ministry), depending on the prevalence of the new type of coronavirus infection.

(3) Please check carefully the MIC internship information posting page at the "3. reference URL" before applying.

(4) If you wish to participate in an internship program outside of the long vacation period, please try to participate so that your academic schedule is not affected and your studies are not affected.

 Reference link

The University requests that companies "give due consideration to the timing of internships so that they do not interfere with students' studies, and in principle, give due consideration to academic schedules, such as the use of long vacations. (This is a request to ensure that internships are not a hindrance to students' studies. (This does not apply to internships as part of the regular education program at universities.)