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★Job-Based Research Internship in Science [Class] (35620-4004)

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*This course was newly established in 2022. It is part of graduate education.

New: Information Session was held on April 7, 2022, 16:50-.


What is a job-based research internship?

Through long-term, paid, job-based research internships, students are expected to gain an objective overview of their own research activities, improve their communication and management skills by working with people with diverse values, and gain "insight" that cannot be gained by staying only in academia. It is also expected to provide an opportunity to develop a new career path that is not limited to academia.

(Reference) These things will be established in society as a culture through the spread of long-term, paid research internships that are part of graduate school education. (Reference) The spread of long-term, paid research internships as part of graduate school education will establish these as part of the culture of society, thereby matching the way of employment appropriate for Society 5.0 with the learning provided by higher education. (From the MEXT's implementation policy (guidelines) for job-based research internships (preliminary and trial initiatives))

At Graduate School of Science:

Graduate School of Science has established a new course, "Job-Based Research Internship in Science ( 35620-4004) (1 credit)," in which Doctoral students go on an internship of 2 months or longer to help expand the future opportunities for Doctoral personnel. We expect that graduate students who have studied in the Graduate School of Science will find new roles not only in academia but also in society for their research activities in basic science and other fields.

Interested parties are invited to attend an information session on April 7, 2022.
For more information about the information session, please click here.

Research Internship Information Session"
Date: Thursday, April 7, 2022 16:50-18:00
Location: Online (Zoom)
<Organizing Program>
16:50-16:55 Organizer's Greeting
16:55-17:15 Overview Explanation
17:15-17:25 Introduction of Each Internship
17:25- 17:30 Administrative announcement
17:30-17:40 Introduction of experiences
17:40-18:00 Q&A


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