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DATE2022.01.31 #News from Academic Affairs

Feb. 2 Update] Call for Participants in the 2022 Practicum at the National Museum of Nature and Science (Deadline: Feb. 9, 16:00)

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The National Museum of Nature and Science, of which TUAT is a member of the Campus Members Partnership, accepts the above-mentioned trainees every year for students who have completed "Introduction to Museums".

Those who wish to participate in this program are requested to read the application guideline and submit "Form 1-2 Application for Internship " and "Form 1-3 Internship Student Survey" to the Academic Affairs Team, Academic Affairs Division, Faculty of Science.

Application Guidelines for the 2022 Academic Year for Interns at the National Museum of Nature and Science

Submission date: February9, 2022 (Wed.) 16:00

Submission address: Upload the application form here.

Documents to be submitted: Form 1-2 : Application Form for Museum Internship

  Item1: No need to fill in the columns for the applying university and the person in charge.

  Item 2: Name of applicant for museum training and desired institution, etc,

  Please refer to Appendix 3 of the attached "Application Guidelines for FY2022 Internship Students at the National Museum of Nature and Science" and indicate your preference.

  Please fill in your preference.

       Form 1-3: Survey for apprenticeship at the National Museum of Nature and Science