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DATE2021.03.01 #News from Academic Affairs

Career] Deadline: The University of Tokyo's Career Design Seminar for FY2021 (Sep. 24, Reservations Start.)

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Dear Students of Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

The University of Tokyo Career Design Seminar will be held.
We will hold a total of 11 seminars fromOctober toDecember online with the participation of alumni who are active in various fields.
The seminar will be held in the breakout rooms of zoom, where participants will be divided by company and have a round-table discussion in each room.

[Target] All The University of Tokyo students (mainly 2023 graduates )
[Time] 17:00-19:30
[Reservation] Click here from Friday, September 24 (reservation required)
[Dates and Industries]
Friday,October15 ( 1) Consulting and Think Tanks
Thursday,October21(2) Trading Companies, International Organizations, Advertising, Publishing, Broadcasting, Newspapers
October27 ( Wed) ( 3) Finance (Banking, Securities, Insurance, etc.)
November 2(4) Software, Information Processing, Internet, Web Services, Games
November12(5) Automobile, Machinery, Electricity, Electronics (1)
November16(6) Automobile, Machinery, Electricity, Electronics ( 2 )
November18(7) Chemical, Material Materials, Paper, Pulp & Paperboard, Printing
Friday,November26(8) Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Food, Cosmetics, Consumer Goods
Wednesday,December01(9) Electricity, Gas, Energy, Railways, Transportation
Tuesday,December07(10) Real Estate, Building, Construction
Friday,December10(11) Public Corporations, Government Offices

▶2021 Career Design Seminar Poster

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