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Career] Information on taking work rule education materials (Part-time job, Job hunting)

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0Information on Attending Work Rule Education Materials (Part-time Work and Job Hunting)

The University has created work rule educational materials with the aim of helping students acquire a broad range of citizenship skills. There are four versions: "Part-time Job" (1), "Job Hunting" (1), "Job Hunting" (2), and "Part-time Job" (1), "Job Hunting" (2). All of the materials are in e-learning format and can be taken on the ITC-LMS. Please follow the instructions on the website below and take the courses as needed.

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About the course

 Course format: e-learning format using the ITC-LMS

 Target: Mainly for

      Part-time job hunting → Freshmen of Faculty and Master's course

      Job Hunting → 3rd year Faculty students and new master's course students

      (Students outside of the target grades can also take the course)

 Teaching materials: Video, textbook, test, and questionnaire

  Part-time job (1) "Before starting a part-time job" Part-time job (2) "Reviewing how to work part-time" Part-time job (3) "Job hunting (1) "How to find a job" Part-time job (2) "How to find a job

 Job Hunting (1) "Before Starting Job Hunting"Job Hunting (2) "What to Prepare for After Receiving a Job Offer" Job Hunting (3) "What to Prepare for After Receiving a Job Offer "

 Course procedures: On the ITC-LMS,

 Please take the course in the following order on the ITC-LMS: watch the video, check the textbook, answer the test, and fill out the questionnaire.

      Pass the course by answering all the questions correctly on the test,

      Completion of the course will be considered as "completion of the course.