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DATE2022.04.01 #News from Academic Affairs

Internship] 2023 Internship at the Legislation Bureau, House of Councillors

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Documents to be submitted (Forms can be downloaded from the following URL)

  Student Application Form

2. Submission Deadline and Method

(1) Submission deadline: Monday, June 26, 2023

(2) Submission method: Upload the application form here.

The name of the file to be submitted should be as follows.

 Student Application Form → [The University of Tokyo, student name] Student Application Form

3. reference URL (click here for the form)

House of Councillors Legislation Bureau Internship 2023 (

4. Notes

(1) Please be sure to check your application thoroughly before applying, as refusal after application may affect your chances of being selected for an internship at the University. (2) Please take into consideration the possibility that ministries, agencies, and municipalities that have not yet begun accepting applications may begin accepting applications in due course.

(2) Please check the internship information page of the House of Councillors Secretariat carefully before applying. Please be sure to check the contents of the practical training, application form preparation procedures, and notes on participation in the program before applying.

(3) Please note that only students enrolled in the Department of Engineering or Graduate School of Engineering are eligible to apply for the Technical Division.

(4) If you wish to participate in an internship outside of the long vacation period, we ask that you do so in such a way that it does not interfere with your academic schedule.