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DATE2023.04.01 #News from Academic Affairs

Internship] 2023 Internship at the Ministry of the Environment

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Documents to be submitted
   Request form (to be filled in by students): Click here to download the form.

2. Submission Deadline and Method

  (1) Submission Deadline: For August (Courses 1 and 2): 6/30 (Fri.) noon

          For September (Courses 3 and 4): July 18 (Monday)

  (2) Submission method: Upload the file here with the following file name: [University of Tokyo, student name

     The University of Tokyo, Student Name] Request Form

3. Refer to URL Ministry of the Environment Internship (Experience Program) (this ministry)

4. Notes

(1) Declining to apply for an internship after the application has been submitted may affect the University's ability to recruit interns, so please be sure to check the application thoroughly. (2) Please take into consideration the fact that we anticipate that the ministries and local governments that have not yet started accepting applications will start accepting applications in due course.

(2) Please leave the "Information of the person in charge at the university, etc." field on the request form blank, as it will be filled in by the section.

(3) In addition, please make sure to read "3. URL" carefully before applying.

(4) If you wish to participate in a program that is held outside of long vacation periods, please make sure that your studies will not be affected.