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Internship] Internship at Nuclear Regulation Authority (Summer) in 2023

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Documents to be submitted

  Request Form 01 (filled in by student): PDF format (Download the application form from the URL in 3.

  (Application forms and other documents can be downloaded from the URL in 3.)

2. Submission Deadline and Method

(1) Deadline for submission [Wednesday, July 12, 2023] *Deadline for science students

(2) Submission method: Upload the file here.

   (2) Submission method: Upload the file here.

   The University of Tokyo, Student Name] Form 01 Preference Questionnaire

3. Reference URL

4. Notes

(1) Please be sure to confirm your application thoroughly, as declining after application may affect your chances of being selected for an internship at the University. (2) In addition, we expect that some ministries and local governments that have not yet started accepting applications will start accepting applications in due course, so we ask that you plan your application accordingly.

(2) In addition, please check carefully the information page of the Nuclear Regulation Authority Experience Program at "3.

(3) If you wish to participate in a program that is held outside of the long vacation periods, please try to participate so that your academic schedule is not affected and your studies are not affected.