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DATE2021.05.07 #News from Academic Affairs

Update: maintaining Level Pre-1 restrictions for now.

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Dear Students of Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

 Mr. Okubo, Chairperson of the Task Force on New-type Coronavirus Countermeasures, has just informed us that the "Guidelines for Activities of The University of Tokyo to Prevent the Spread of New-type Coronavirus" (announced on April 3, 2020) has been partially revised and raised to "Level Quasi-1" as of April 27, 2021 (Tuesday),
However, in light of the extension of the national government's declaration of a state of emergency in four prefectures on May 7, as well as the infection situation on campus, we have decided to continue the "Level 1" status for the time being.
 In particular, classes will be conducted mainly online, while classes that are more effective in terms of education if conducted face-to-face will be conducted face-to-face (including in combination with online), after taking the maximum possible measures to prevent infection.

There is concern about the increase in the number of people infected with mutant strains, which are highly contagious and can cause serious illness even among young people. The same basic precautions will be taken against mutant strains, including masks, hand washing and disinfection, avoidance of three-tight seal, disinfection of doorknobs, switches, etc., and ventilation. If you have to remove your mask (e.g., to eat or drink), be sure not to talk, even for a short period of time.

Also, please refrain from drinking alcohol on campus under the current activity restrictions.
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If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate School of Science Academic Affairs Office.