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The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo" is now accepting applications for the 17th term in fiscal year 2021.

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The University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo is a series of programs to systematically learn about entrepreneurship and start-ups (ventures) from the very beginning. 2021 academic year offers the following three step-by-step courses.

Entrepreneurship I (S1 term): April to May

Entrepreneurship II (S2 term): June to July

Entrepreneurship Challenge" August - September

We welcome all students who would like to learn about entrepreneurship during their time at The University of Tokyo.

Program Information and Application Procedures

First, please register online by accessing the application form from the website above, and attend the guidance on April 7 (Wed.) to decide whether or not you would like to participate. A Zoom meeting ID for the online lecture will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

▼ Eligibility

Undergraduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral students enrolled at The University of Tokyo

▼ About credits

Entrepreneur Dojo is an extracurricular program that requires only web registration. S1 and S2 terms are also offered as "Entrepreneurship I and II," a common course offered by the Faculty of Engineering, and registered as a second semester College of Arts and Sciences course and a graduate school course, so students from all faculties and graduate schools can attend and earn credits. Students who wish to earn credits should register for the course at UTAS in addition to registering online at Entrepreneurship Dojo. (If you do not need credits, you can participate only by registering through the web form.)

Program Contents

Entrepreneurship I (S1 term) (April-May)

Students will learn the basic knowledge and ideas they need to know when they decide to start a business in the future in a lecture format, as well as learn about entrepreneurship mindset and start-up ideas with entrepreneurs as guest Lecturers.

Entrepreneurship II (S2 term) (June-July)

Participants will learn through experience the processes and activities necessary to actually launch a startup.

Venue: Online lecture (Zoom)

Time: S1 and S2 term, Wednesday 6th period (18:45 - 20:30)

Entrepreneurship Challenge] (August-September)

Entrepreneurship Challenge is a team-based business idea contest; students who have not taken Entrepreneurship I and II in S1 and S2 terms are eligible to apply if they have a business idea and a team.

July 22: Deadline for application (application documents will be screened).

August 4 - September 24: Activity period

September 25: Final presentation and judging


(For inquiries, please contact)

Entrepreneur Dojo Office

The University of Tokyo, Central Administration Bureau of University Corporate Relations, Office of Startup and Entrepreneurship Education

TEL 03-5841-2358