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DATE2021.03.10 #News from Academic Affairs

Teacher Recruitment】Osaka Prefectural Public School Teacher Recruitment Test for 2022 General Selection (for university and other university recommenders)

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The Osaka Prefectural Office of Education has announced the implementation of the University Recommendation System for Osaka Public School Teacher Recruitment.

Students who wish to apply are requested to check the application guidelines and submit the relevant documents by the deadline.

(file to be sent)
Please download the file from the above URL. (Open until 2020/4/30)

About the University Recommendation System

Osaka Prefectural Selection Test for Public School Teachers

Submission deadline: Friday, April 2, 17:00

Documents to be submitted: "Self-appeal Sheet," "Photo Slip," "Transcript of Academic Record

Submission address: Faculty of Science, Academic Affairs Section, Academic Affairs Team
For documents that can be submitted in data format, data submission only is acceptable.

*Please do not yet implement the electronic application (Internet) at the stage of submitting documents to the campus.