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DATE2021.03.10 #News from Academic Affairs

Selection of Teachers for the 2022 Selection Test for Public School Teachers in the Toyono-area, Osaka Prefecture, for Persons Recommended by Universities and Other Entities

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The secretariat of the Personnel Council for Academic and Administrative Staff of the Toyono-area, Osaka Prefecture, has announced the implementation of the special selection process (university recommendation) for teachers of public schools in the Toyono-area, Osaka Prefecture.

Students who wish to apply are requested to check the application guidelines and submit the relevant documents by the deadline.

Application Guidelines, etc.

(Open to the public until May 31, 2021)
The application form is available at the following website.
Recommendation Form
Self-appeal sheet

Submission deadline: Monday, April 19, 17:00

Documents to be submitted: "Self-appeal Sheet," "Transcripts," "Application Form," and "Stamps

Submission address: Faculty of Science, Academic Affairs Division, Academic Affairs Team