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DATE2021.05.17 #News from Academic Affairs

(Commuter Train Pass)Certificate of Purchase for Commuter Train Pass (Re-posted 5/17)

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Distribution of "Commuter Pass Purchase Certificates" to be used from April 2021

This is a notice to current students.

For students commuting to the Hongo Campus, the certificates will be distributed from March 1 at the offices of your Department

Department Office and Department Office from March 1.

Students who wish to receive the certificate are requested to pick it up at their department office.

Students who commute to the Kashiwa Campus and Komaba Campus can pick up their copies at their Department Office.

Please pick up a "Commuter Pass Purchase Certificate" for commuting to Hongo Campus at the office of your department and come to the counter of the Academic Affairs Section.

The Student Affairs Section will exchange the certificate for the "commuter pass purchase certificate" for the campus of your choice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

zIn addition, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we also accept applications by mail.

Students who commute to Kashiwa Campus or Komaba Campus should inform the person in charge of the Academic Affairs Section in advance.

If you wish to apply, please contact Graduate School Office, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School Office, Educational Records and Programs Team, Graduate School Office (E-mail: ).