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DATE2021.01.19 #News from Academic Affairs

Science Library] Internal Delivery and Return for the Materials in the Hongo Area Campus ( Jan. 18 - Mar. 31 scheduled) Jan. 18 - Mar. 31 scheduled)

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As part of the service expansion in the Corona Disaster, you can now order and return materials on the Hongo campus. For details, please see the following page on the University Library website.

(1/18-) Interlibrary loans and returns will be available in Hongo campus.

Science Library materials can now be ordered and returned to all libraries and rooms in The University of Tokyo. In addition, materials can also be returned to the book drop boxes in all libraries and rooms, except for materials that are marked "not returnable to book drop boxes" at the time of check-out.

Please make a request through MyOPAC.

As a temporary measurement to support the accessibility, we expand the service for the internal reservation/delivery and returning within the Hongo Please see University of Tokyo Library System Website for further information.

"(From Jan 18th) Internal delivery and return for the materials in the Hongo area campus.

The Science Library materials can be returned to every UTokyo library. You can also use book drops of each library.

You can also use book drops of each library. Request can be made via MyOPAC.